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About Allo Laverie

Late 17th century French aristocratic families sent their laundry to the Caribbean for proper care. Fortunately today you have a much closer option

No other laundry service cleans your fine laundry better while preserving its beauty than Allo Laverie. Our Old World laundering methods are organic based, and leave your laundry cleaner, whiter and brighter without harsh chemicals, solvents, artificial dyes or perfumes. Clean rinsing means your laundry is free from irritating chemical residues that injure health and damage textiles. Proper finishing either by hand or machine insures that final perfect touch.

There is a certain luxury in sleeping on freshly laundered and ironed linens. The same feeling extends to dining on fine table linens or wearing fine apparel. Unfortunately, the care demanded of such items inspires anything but luxury. Free yourself from wash day drudgery and enjoy activities you like doing. Save time and temper by sending your fine laundry to Allo Laverie - the French Laundry that does it best, giving you time to enjoy your fine items without the worry and stress of laundering.


Everything Old Is New Again

Are vintage linens and textiles your passion? We are experts at laundering, pressing, restoring and preserving all sorts of vintage items. From christening gowns, children's dresses, laces, embroideries, to such antiques such as detachable collars and cuffs and nurse's caps.

Allo Laverie treats your items with all the care and attention as if they were our own. Unlike commercial laundries, our only business is French laundering and restoration of textiles. You will find our attention to detail and customer service remarkable, the results outstanding. If you are ever unsatisfied with our laundering process, Allo Laverie will launder your item again free of cost.

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