An undying passion for fine linen.

Founded in 2000, Allo Laverie is dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of fine and heirloom linen. Our savoir faire encompasses the ancient lost art and tradition and tradition of old world linen care. Our unique knowledge and skill ensures impeccable results with excellence always our primary objective. We are also experts in the restoration and conservation of heirloom linens such as laces, embroideries, baptismal dresses, to vintage bed and table linen.

Our Savoir Faire

Below find a brief resume of our services. Our unique skill and expertise covers a wide range of textile maintenance and conservation. We invite you to contact us directly if you have a query regarding an item or service not listed.

“Perfection is no small thing, but it is made up of small things.

Our Services
  • Fini-Luxe - All Hand Work. Linen cleansed and finely ironed entirely by hand. Our European Finish starch is prepared and applied in the only approved correct manner, by hand. Items returned folded unless hanger or roller requested (a surcharge may apply).
  • Demi-Fini - Flatwork Linen Service. Linen cleansed, calendar ironed, folded and returned. Plain hemmed sheets, pillow cases,table cloths, napkins and towels.
  • Kaltmangling/Cold Mangling - Calendering entirely by pressure. Restores original finish and luster to linen. Damask weaves especially take on a satin sheen with pattern supremely brought out. Heavy weaves of hemp or linen take on a velvet feel with soft drape. Absence of heat avoids damage to finish of linen cause by hot irons. Amounts of dust and lint that are irritating to those with allergies is reduced by up to 60%.
  • Bespoke Shirt Service - The life of a shirt depends largely upon the way it is laundered. Shirts entrusted to Allo Laveire will last thrice as long as if sent to the ordinary machine laundry. Our work is all hand work and we use no chemicals to eat the hand and reduce its life fifty percent. We are maintaining some shirts today that we have maintained for nearly a decade, and they still are good. We do not guarantee all shirts will last as long, but we do guarantee to make them last longer than any other service. Another fine point about our service is that every shirt done by us will fit as maker intended. No stretching out of shape.
  • Down Duvet & Pillow Using the most gentle pH balanced cleansers our skill and knowledge allows for the safest possible cleaning of down filled items. Pillows and duvets return not just hygienically clean but loft and fluffiness restored.
  • Textile Restoration - Vintage and heirloom textiles such as laces, quilts, christening gowns, ancient table and be linen are given a new life with expert restoration. Our skill and savoir faire allow us to craft a unique program to gently coax fine heirloom textiles back to life. Using gentle Old World methods we gradually clean and brighten your vintage items; removing soils, stains (not all stains can be removed), and discoloration caused by age, and or improper storage. If desired our preservation service uses museum quality materials and methods to prepare your items for long term storage.
  • Lessive Natural - Hypoallergenic, natural, ecological and authentic. Using pure soaps to cleanse for white and colorfast linens. Efficient and practical with no synthetic surfactants, enzymes, fragrances, or colorants, the virtues of pure soaps are perfect for linens that touch sensitive skin. Our savoir faire means your linens return immaculate and brilliantly white, with no signs of grey.
  • Cashmeres and Woolens - Wet cleaned by hand by a special process that leaves them soft and fluffy, but preserves their beauty and leaves colors bright.

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