Our Art and Business Is Laundry

Send Us Your Laundry!

Allo Laverie accepts orders from across the United States and worldwide via our "Laundry by Mail" service.We receive daily deliveries from UPS, USPS, FedEX, and most other delivery services.

How To Send A Laundry Or Heirloom Restoration Order Via Mail:

1. Print and complete order form , noting quantity, item, description and price for each item or group of items. If you have questions, comments or special instructions regarding your order, please write them either on the order form or a separate sheet of paper. Please be sure to include a daytime or evening telephone number in case we need to contact you regarding your order.

2. Sub-total your order then include return shipping charges listed under �Shipping And Handling-Laundry By Mail�. If you wish your return shipment insured, please add $.50 per each $100 in valuation. Allo Laverie is NOT responsible for damage caused during transit.

3. Total entire order including shipping and insurance fees. If you are unsure of a price, such as for tablecloths, or restoration work, please write "Estimate and Invoice" on your order form, and include payment for return shipping charges as listed above. Allo Laverie will contact you with a written estimate and invoice you for the order, orders will NOT be returned shipped until payment is received.

4. Pack item(s), order form, special instructions (if any), payment (make checks or money orders payable to Allo Laverie), including shipping and insurance charges, in a strong sturdy secure box. You may also use any of the various plastic pouches provided by UPS, FedEx, or other delivery services. It is a good idea to enclose your items in a plastic bag no matter which method of packing you choose, as an extra layer of protection during transit. Do not pack items which are moist or wet as they may become damaged during transit.

5. Seal box well and send to Allo Laverie at the address noted on the order form. Please insure your order for full value. Allo Laverie is NOT responsible for damage caused during transit. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.