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Our range of laundering and finishing products for fine linens and apparel, is the result of our expertise and professional experience. Many of these products originate from recipes used by hand laundries over generations in the care and preservation of fine linens and textiles. Others are modern products chosen because of their effectiveness, while remaining true to our commitment of being gentle to textiles while caring for the environment

Pure Soap Flakes

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Imported from Great Britian

One pound/454 gram bag $8.99 - Product #SF-0100 (Order)

Imported from Great Britain our pure soap flakes contain no enzymes, bleaches, or brightening agents. Just 99% pure, natural soap that makes a rich, thick, long-lasting foam. Similar to Lux soap flakes & Ivory Snow powder our pure soap flakes are perfect for hand or machine washing delicate, hand washables, baby's laundry, silks, woolens, down filled items & microfiber garments.This same product is sold elsewhere for $14, why pay more? Made from a 100 year old recipe: our product is similar to Lux soap flakes, formerly sold in Great Britain and is used throughout Europe for everything from washing wood floors to arts & crafts projects.

Pure soap flakes are a natural choice for laundering your finest linens as it cleans gently without harsh detergents. This results in longer linen life and helps preserve the beauty of your fine linens. Our soap flakes do not contain optical fabric whiteners, and will not effect your colored or ecru linens like commercial laundry products can. Pure soap flakes are also perfect for laundering waterproof outer coverings and any other outdoors garment that uses a DWR - Durable Water Repellant - treatment. The wetting agents in most commercial detergents are designed to help water penetrate fabrics and strip away the water repellant effects, this can render waterproof coverings ineffective as a barrier to water. To learn more about how soap compares with detergents for laundering textiles, please click on the following link. Soap vs Orvus

European Finish Laundry Starch

European Finish Laundry Starch is unsurpassed in finishing of cotton and linen fabrics, excellent for fine linens and bespoke shirts. Long prized in Europe for it's ability to impart a soft sheen and silky hand to cotton or linen fibers, but also due to the soil release properties as well. Stains and soils are washed away with the next laundering due to the protective layer formed when starching. Items starched with European Finish Laundry Starch starch will stay new looking longer and require less aggressive laundering methods. No mixing required, just add to the final rinse cycle using cold water. European Finish laundry starch is activated by the heat and pressure of your iron, so there is no need to remove items you don't want starched from the machine. Full dosage and directions are included for use in both top and front loading washing machines.

Non yellowing formula, contains no dyes or perfumes, and is fragrance free. Non-GMO. 100% pure rice starch.

Please note: Due to huge demand and limited supply Allo Laverie reserves the right to limit quantities per order. If you wish to order more than four (4) one pound/454 gram bags at a single order, please contact customer service before placing your order. Thank you.

Imported from Belgium

One pound/454 gram bag - Product #EF-0101 $7.85 (Order)

Genuine Miele FJM IntensiveClean Plus Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Genuine Miele IntensiveClean Plus Bags & Filters are designed to give your Miele vacuum optimal performace, with 25% greater suction power. Each box contains 5 white IntensiveClean Plus bags, 1 gray Super Air Clean exhaust filter, and 1 Electrostatic Secondary Filter. Miele's IntensiveClean Plus vacuum bags are foil lined to prevent sharp objects such as glass or sand from breaking though the bag. Unique polymer construction traps and holds more dirt, dust and allergens than paper vacuum bags. Suction power actually improves as the bag fills. FJM replacement bags will fit Miele S200, S300, S500, S700 and S4000 series vacuums. GN replacement bags will fit Miele S400, S600 and S5000 series vacuums

Miele IntensiveClean Plus, FJM - $12.25/ea, $33.81 for 3 boxes (save $2.94) - Product Code 05588921) (Order)

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Imported from Germany

Miele IntensiveClean Plus, G,N - $12.25/ea, $33.81 for 3 boxes (save $2.94) - Product Code 05588941) (Order)

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Imported from Germany