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Allo Laverie offers a wide array of launderng and restoration services for fine linens, luxury bedding, delicate items and antique textiles. Our range includes hand or machine washing, hand finishing, ironed completely by hand, blocking, and wet cleaning . Our attention to detail is meticulous; which is why many leading dealers of fine linens, bespoke shirts, and luxury bedding not only send laundry to Allo Laverie, but recommend us to their customers as well. To learn more about our services, please see the links below.

To obtain laundry and restoration pricing information, please visit our price listing page. We offer free collection and delivery within our local Manhattan, New York City area. Greater New York City and nationwide service via our "Laundry By Mail", service.

Learn more about our Organic French laundry process, and types of materials we launder. French Hand Laundry

How we launder and restore down filled items such as pillows, duvets and feather beds. Down Duvet & Pillow Laundering

How Allo Laverie restores your most precious heirloom textiles and linens. Heirloom Textile Restoration & Preservation

Learn more about our shirt hand laundry process. Belle Chemise - Hand Laundry Service For Shirts

Learn About Wet Cleaning. Wet Cleaning


Organic French Laundry

Fine hand laundry service for the things you care about most. High thread count linens, vintage linens, embroidery, bespoke shirts, woolens, fine bed and table linens, down filled bedding, delicate laces and intimate apparel, plus much more. Many of New York City's best homes and most fashionable people send their fine laundry to Allo Laverie. Why? Because we treat their items as if they were our own, our Old World laundering methods not only get items clean, we help keep them looking like new. We never iron in hard creases on table linens. After finishing, napkins and placemats are returned flat on a board, while table cloths are either gently folded and returned on a hanger, or rolled flat on a roller. Depending upon the size and construction, some table cloths can be returned on boards.

Down Laundering & Restoration

Using gentle pH balanced cleansers we launder down filled bedding with an eye towards preserving the natural oils of down fibers. Items are then slowly dried for 24 hours or more leaving them fluffy and soft.

Heirloom Textile Restoration & Preservation

Allo Laverie restores vintage or heirloom textiles such as christening gowns, linens, laces, quilts, coverlets, night gowns and vintage layette items. Using gentle Old World methods we gradually clean and brighten your vintage items; removing soils, stains (not all stains can be removed), and discoloration caused by age and or improper storage. Our preservation service uses museum quality materials and methods to prepare your items for long term storage.

Belle Chemise - Bespoke Shirt Hand Laundry

One of life's great pleasures is putting on freshly laundered and crisply ironed shirt. Allo Laverie's Belle Chemise hand laundry service for fine shirts is based upon our knowledge and expertise in caring for fine linens. Using European Old World methods, we hand launder shirts immaculately clean. Each shirt is then meticulously hand ironed for a matchless finish. Our organic based laundering process removes stains and soils without caustic chemicals, harsh scrubs or heavy scents. Collars, cuffs, underarms are concentrated upon to insure the most hygienic results. Because our laundering and finishing processes are, done totally by hand, cracked buttons are rare. If however a button should suffer damage, we will replace it at no charge before returning your shirt. Our process is environmentally a friendly and helps keep shirt looking new. To learn more about Belle Chemise, please click here

Wet Cleaning

No, this is not your every day laundry

Wet cleaning is tomorrow's laundry care technology today. Instead of harsh solvents which can damage textiles, your health and the environment; wet cleaning uses gentle cleansers and water to clean many items including those marked "Dry Clean Only". While not all articles can be cleaned by this process, wet cleaning is a natural for cashmeres, some silks, linens, cottons, woolens, and rayon. Compared to dry cleaning, wet cleaning is generally safer for textiles and produces a more hygienic fresher smelling result.